GiRLiFE leaders all over the globe can continue to positively impact the lives of the young girls in their community with this new generation of GiRLiFE workshops.

 Part 2 comes equipped with 7 brand new workshops and guides, as well as an awesome new marketing toolkit which provides you with all the marketing materials you need to promote your GiRLiFE workshops in your communities.  

plan everything out

Workshop walkthrough & audio with corresponding slides so you can plan everything out well in advance.


An icebreaker activity to use if you're hosting a workshop with girls who don't know each other well.

craft matching

A craft matching each workshop theme with step-by-step instructions and a resource list of recommended items for each workshop.

 buzz words

Suggested playlists & buzzwords so you can create the right kind of environment and vibe for fun!

difference between

Activities for each workshop including how to help the girls understand the difference between being empowered vs. coward.

nutrition section

A nutrition section with recipes and instructions to use with each workshop.

Dialogue prompts

Dialogue prompts, worksheets, and all materials you need to get started.

introduction template

An introduction & follow up letter templates you can use for marketing & promotion.

Pricing recommendations

Pricing recommendations & location ideas for planning your first workshop.

Additional training

Additional training so you can confidently pull off a successful workshop year after year.

PLUS a brand new GiRLiFE marketing toolkit!

The new GiRLiFE marketing toolkit comes packed with templates for all the graphics you will need for your Facebook business page, Facebook, Instagram & Pinterest posts & ads, flyers, business cards and more! 

...and there's more!

As a GiRLiFE leader, your details will be added to the Leader Finder on the GiRLiFE website, making it easier for parents to locate your workshops. 

*Please note that purchasing the program does not ensure exclusivity in your area. While we certainly make every effort not to over-saturate any particular market we are confident that there is room for multiple leaders in certain locations.

If you are interested in joining the GiRLiFE Empowerment Series, but you haven't yet completed Part 1, you can sign up here.

To the woman who knows she's called to empower young girls, 

GiRLiFE was birthed from something I SO needed as a young girl that I didn't know I needed at the time. There are so many ups and downs and rites of passages that young girls move through -- without a solid foundation, it's hard to remember who you are through it all. 

I can distinctly remember when I stopped listening to my own inner voice of knowing, and started tuning outside of myself, to the noise of society and other people's ideas about how a young girl should think, act and feel. As women, many of us spend a good portion of our adult lives repairing the subconscious pain and challenges of our girlhood. 

GiRLiFE is my response to my own inner child. The goal is simple: to show EVERY young girl that she is brilliant beyond measure; that within her lies the strength to live a life that feels good from the inside-out. It is an honor to have teamed up with women across the globe who are helping share this message with the girls in their community through our empowerment workshops. Alone, there is only so much I could do. Together, we are introducing girls in all corners of the world to their own unique superpowers.

The thoughts we choose to feed our mind are the most powerful tools we have to live a happy and healthy life.

Girls who truly believe in themselves and understand the influence of their own personal power, are happier, more confident, and experience peace in their lives and relationships.

Opportunities are endless for her and that she is capable of living a life beyond the limits of her imagination, if only she believes that she can.

This workshop is designed to teach young girls how to be a leader in their own lives, while empowering them to become mindful, conscious & positive role models for others. The core message is that by leading with their hearts, they can inspire change and positivity within themselves and those around them. The goal is that they walk away knowing that there is a natural-born leader inside each and every one of them.

This workshop is about teaching girls how they can use their own personal power to heal themselves body, mind & soul. The focus is on getting in touch with who they truly are and what they truly need, so that they can use their minds to restore whole body health. The goal is that each girl walks away knowing that each of them has the power to play a part in the healing process.

This workshop focuses on teaching girls that by becoming aware of their perceptions, they can change the way they see the world and everyday situations in their own lives. They will come to understand that when they choose to take responsibility for their thoughts and their actions, they can become part of the solution, rather than placing blame on others and staying stuck in the problem. The goal is that they will learn how their very own perceptions shape the world for them and how they choose to experience it.

This workshop focuses on teaching girls that their mind and their body are very much connected. The focus is on showing them how to strengthen that connection so that they can live in a more healthy, peaceful and focused way. The goal is that they walk away with a deep appreciation of how their mind can positively impact their body, and how they can use their body to positively impact their mind.

This workshop is designed to teach young girls that by choosing the quality of the words they use on a moment to moment basis, they are actively also choosing the way that they live in this world. The intention is that by choosing empowering words when they speak to others and that through internal dialogue, they have the opportunity to positively affect their experience in this world.  

This workshop aims to teach young girls that the relationship that they have with themselves is the single most important relationship in their life. They will learn how to nurture themselves and to first search for love, support and acceptance on the inside. The goal is that the girls will walk away with an understanding of how to nurture their unique friendship with themselves, so that they may also be empowered to create healthy relationships all around them.

This workshop aims to teach young girls that the power of the universe is within each of them. The focus will be on showing them that they have their own unique set of traits that will add value to their lives and the lives of others. The goal is that they walk away with an understanding of how to access the many superpowers that each of them has within them.  

*Please note that purchasing the program does not ensure exclusivity in your area. While we certainly make every effort not to over-saturate any particular market we are confident that there is room for multiple leaders in certain locations.

If you are interested in joining the GiRLiFE Empowerment Series, but you haven't yet completed Part 1, you can sign up here.

I did my first summer camp with the GiRLiFE Empowerment Series and it was a success! The young girls were looking forward to coming each day to the camp. At night they would go home telling and showing all they had learned and done during the day! It was so much fun and friendships were built throughout the week! The GiRLiFE program is great and flexible to make it your own and have fun with it! Thanks Melody for this wonderful tool! 

Mireille Bourque, Quebec, Canada.

I am so thankful and excited to be a GiRLiFE Leader. I came across Melody’s program at a time when I was looking to make a difference in my community but didn’t know where to start and couldn’t find a program that fit exactly what I wanted to do. And as if the universe was watching over me, I came across the GiRLiFE Empowerment Series. The training is so straightforward, well thought out, with wonderful graphics and activities. It is so easy to follow and allows you the freedom to adapt when necessary. I really wanted to participate in a cause that could include my daughters, and this program is perfect. It is allowing me to be a good role model to my girls while also helping the girls in our community. The themes are wonderful and even though it is an empowerment program for young girls, I feel that it is empowering me at the same time. I am learning so much from the girls and having a fantastic time! Thank you so much Melody. You are always there when I have a question, and you are with us every step of the way. You are awesome!

Diana Alvarado, Ontario, Canada.

For years I have wanted to create a workshop to help empower young girls, but I had no idea where to start. As fate would have it, I came across Melody's GiRLiFE Empowerment Series. It was everything I had ever dreamed of teaching and more. All the lessons that are the most valuable, but never taught in school. Melody's program was easy to follow and to facilitate, and the children love the workshops.  

I love the workshops, and love that not only are the girls having fun, but they are learning essential lessons to take with them through life. Thank you Melody for being such a bright light, and for all your help along the way. 

Shannon Bosse, Vancouver, Canada.

I just wanted to say a HUGE thank you to you for creating the Girlife Empowerment Series and allowing me to be a part of it!! Ever since the day that I decided to become a GiRLiFE leader and provide these amazing workshops for my community, I have literally been on a high!! Every step of planning my first workshop was amazing beyond my expectations! First, putting it out there to the community about what I was doing and hearing the immense response back just reinforced the drive within me that I knew this was clearly something our girls needed! Then, planning the workshop was like planning a party! I loved preparing for the craft and juicing activities. And beyond anything else, preparing myself to introduce the wonderful concepts of empowerment and gratitude to the girls just inspired and drove me to want to do more.

Denise Farahmand, Los Angeles, CA

The Girlife Empowerment Series Leader Training was by far one of the best investments I've made...not only for myself, but for my daughters and the girls in our community. The content is great. It's so well written and easy to follow. The entire program is so well done and it's chock full of amazing tips on how to run your own workshops. And not to mention Melody Gabay Pourmoradi is awesome. She's there for you every step of the way! It's worth every penny. Glad I took the leap!

Neli Tavares Hession, Rhode Island, RI

Melody's GiRLiFE Empowerment Series is fantastic! Initially I had considered the program to do with my daughter, and then decided it'd be cool to bring it to the community. My daughter was in Girl Scouts for four years and we had actually wanted to create our own group/program that incorporated positive lessons, crafts and volunteering... this was a great way to get started with something immediately and a foundation that is very inclusive, well thought out, and organized. We have run three workshops so far, at a local library, and the girls love it... the material is so important, not just for the girls, but for me as a parent, adult, woman and mother. It's a reminder that self help concepts can be fun and simple. I learn just as much as the girls do! It's so rewarding to have these conversations with the girls, and the parents really enjoy and appreciate the program. The marketing material and graphics are easy to use and lesson plans are clean and clear. Beautiful, fun and well worth it!  

Nikki Capezio Watson, Oakmont, PA

It was no coincidence that I was first introduced to Melody Gabay Pourmoradi in September of 2016. As a recent graduate of IIN as well as Gabby Bernstein’s Spirit Junkie Level I Masterclass, I was definitely on the right path! After witnessing the struggles that our oldest girls were experiencing in high school, I had a burning desire to develop a program to help empower young girls. My youngest daughter is 12 and I felt that I was given a “do-over” opportunity. A chance to apply lessons learned. It was very late one night in early September that I registered the domain of Pebble Nation, the beginning of my movement. The next morning, I stumbled upon a Facebook post for the launch of the GiRLiFE Empowerment Series. I immediately set up a call with Melody and the rest is history. I am a true believer in the miraculous synchronicity of the Universe! The GiRLiFE curriculum was clear, logical and exactly what I was looking for. Melody had obviously put a lot of thought and expertise into designing the program. The simple and concise format gave me the confidence to begin hosting workshops immediately. All of the tools were right there at my fingertips. Additionally, Melody has developed a powerful community of like-minded women and offers unlimited support to all of the GiRLiFE leaders around the globe. I am very proud to be a GiRLiFE leader and look forward to the positive ripple that we will create, one pebble at a time.

Karen Sulzer, New Orleans, LA

GiRLiFE has been an exciting new direction for me to focus my coaching practice! It's an ideal fit for anyone like me who needs to be adding value to the world while making an income. This program is so beautifully laid out, with enough detail to keep it straightforward, yet enough space to let my creativity soar. A sneak peek into this program would look like a compilation of the wisdom and teachings from today's top thought leaders (Louise Hay, Gabby Bernstein, Danielle LaPorte) and making it child sized. GiRLiFE is EXACTLY what I wanted to create at 17, when I knew my purpose was to empower young girls. Unfortunately at the time I let the overwhelm of where to start sideline my dream. Thank You Melody for being the divine yet down to earth soul sister that you are! I know that because of you we will have an integral role in the rise of a generation of truly empowered young women who know, love and accept themselves.

Melissa Ross, New Brunswick, Canada

When does the digital course start and finish?

The course starts now and never ends! It is a completely self-paced online class - you decide when you start and when you finish.

How long do I have access to the course?

How does lifetime access sound? After enrolling, you have unlimited access to the materials for as long as you like - across any and all devices you own.

What if I am unhappy with the workshop?

We would never want you to be unhappy! If you are unsatisfied with your purchase, contact us in the first 10 days and we will give you a full refund.

What is the earning potential of running these workshops in my community?

The sky's the limit! As with all business ventures, the more often you provide workshops, and the more girls you have in each workshop, the greater the earning potential. It’s up to you how many times you run each of the seven workshops and for which age groups. 

How many girls do I need for a workshop?

You can have as few as 2 girls and as many as 20 girls to run a workshop. The dynamic of the workshop obviously changes based on the number of girls but ultimately the goal is to empow{her} and focus on the quality of the message and the magnitude of the contribution, knowing that it takes time to grow this group and have confidence that in time, you will attract the people who are truly open to this type of programming.

How do get paid for running a workshop?

In the curriculum there is a step by step guide on how to set up payment with the parents of the girls who attend your very own GiRLiFE workshops. 

Do I receive any extra support as I’m setting up my own GiRLiFE workshop?

Yes! There will be a dedicated GiRLiFE Facebook group for all leaders to use for support, guidance and connection with a community of like-minded people. I am also available to answer any questions that may help you get started.

Can I use it just for my own daughters?

The home and family unit is an excellent place to start practicing these principles. These practices will elevate the way your girls experience the world around them and equip them with a better understanding of the role that they play in creating peace and love within and around them.

Is it religious in any way?

Not at all. These are universal non-denominational principles that can be used by all to create health and happiness in our future generation of women.

I work for a camp, school program, church, etc. and would like to use the GiRLiFE materials. Are there licensing issues to copy the materials for multiple groups?

If you are running workshops in multiple locations, please contact Melody directly at to discuss the extended licensing plan. 

*Please note that purchasing the program does not ensure exclusivity in your area. While we certainly make every effort not to over-saturate any particular market we are confident that there is room for multiple leaders in certain locations.

If you are interested in joining the GiRLiFE Empowerment Series, but you haven't yet completed Part 1, you can sign up here.