where young girls are encouraged, supported, empowered... given tools to nourish their minds, bodies, and souls.

A world where there are NO limits, NO stereotypes. No impossible expectations of perfection and beauty.

Our daughters were truly equipped for the real world ahead?

Equal opportunities, healthy choices, and encouragement were available in abundance as they grew?

The media, peer pressure, and stereotypes would not be able to beat them down or crush their confidence?

They had the tools, support, and community they needed to grow into healthy strong women with passion and conviction.

Many of us need the necessary support to provide this kind of nurturing environment.

As a mother you know, see, and feel it all around you - in the media, in schools, and online -  

disempowering messages of discrimination, inequality, and body shaming.

As their supporters and guides, it should be our purpose and mission to leave a legacy for the next generation of young women... a world that is better than it was for all of us.

It's time to put that mission of girl empowerment, into YOUR hands. Mothers all over the world CAN create the exact kinds of home environment we need to watch our girls flourish into confident, bold, and powerful women.  

We can't stop the cycle of low self-esteem unless we stop talking and START acting.

So the question is: How do you create an energy of girl empowerment in your own home? A mindset that helps your child feel understood, valued, and empowered?

Where do you go for a blueprint to girl-empowerment that you know works, and has been successful for other Moms across the globe?

Girlife Empowher Toolkit Exercies

Each of the 7 tools is created in a workshop format and is a stand alone lesson plan designed to give you the tools and resources you need to authentically empower the young girls in your life. 

The home and family unit is an excellent place to start practicing principles of self-love and mindfulness. These practices will elevate the way your girls experience the world around them and equip them with a better understanding of the role that they play in creating peace and love within and around them.

Who the GiRLiFE Empower{her} Toolkit is for: 

YOU. It's for you.

  • The mom who wants to build a safe place for her daughter{s} to feel support and empowerment
  • The mom who has the burning desire to mindfully nurture the relationship with her daughter
  • The mom who wants to build a strong foundation with her daughter that will withstand outside challenges and life circumstances

The understanding that mom will be her partner and guide on her journey through life.

A strong understanding of their innate power over their thoughts.

Mind & body tools that they can use in ALL situations. 

Confidence to make healthy choices for their bodies.

A craft to illustrate the theme of each tool/workshop. 

Full of open dialogue, thought-provoking crafts and activities, the GiRLiFE Empow{her} Toolkit will help create an environment where your girl{s} can honor her own individuality and unique gifts....all while strengthening her connection to you!

Each tool contains:

plan everything out

A lesson in a workshop format consisting of a walkthrough and an audio that has corresponding slides so you can plan everything out well in advance.

craft matching

A craft matching each tool/workshop theme with step-by-step instructions and a resource list and built in Amazon store for quick purchasing!

 buzz words

Suggested playlists & buzzwords so you can create the right kind of energy and vibe for fun!

difference between

Activities for each workshop/tool including how to help your girl understand the difference between being empowered vs. coward.

Dialogue prompts

Dialogue prompts, worksheets, and all materials you need to get started.

Additional training

Additional training so you can truly feel confident in sharing these tools with you daughter.

The thoughts we choose to feed our mind are the most powerful tools we have to live a happy and healthy life.

Girls who truly believe in themselves and understand the influence of their own personal power, are happier, more confident, and experience peace in their lives and relationships.

Opportunities are endless for her and that she is capable of living a life beyond the limits of her imagination, if only she believes that she can.

This tool/workshop is about teaching young girls how to transform their lives through appreciation and celebration of the abundance she has been given. The core message is that through the practice of gratitude, they can experience a radical shift in how they view their world and how they feel on a moment-to-moment basis. The goal is that they walk away with a deep understanding of the gifts that are present in their own lives.

This tool/workshop is about teaching the girls that each of them is unique and brilliant in their own special way. The focus is on encouraging young girls to cultivate a loving and supportive relationship with themselves and knowing that they must become their own BFF to live a life of confidence and grace. The goal is that each girl walks away celebrating her strengths and understanding her value.

This tool/workshop is about giving girls access to tools that can keep them in a comfortable & peaceful state, not only on a day to day basis but especially in situations that bring them anxiety and discomfort {doctor’s visits, test-taking, conflict}. The goal is that through the practice of meditating and deep breathing they can stay grounded and centered and feel well equipped to move beyond situations that are beyond their control.

This tool/workshop focuses on empowering girls to recognize and trust their own inner voice. The focus is on showing them how to access that inner wisdom and use it in a way that will allow them to be their best, and most authentic self. The goal is that they walk away with a deep appreciation of how listening to that internal guidance system can help them live in a happier and healthier state.

This tool/workshop is designed to teach young girls that they have the power and the potential to turn their dreams into a reality. This workshop lays out the steps required to effectively create a goal and take the necessary action to bring those goals into fruition. The intention is that that girls will walk away with an understanding of how their own personal will and hard work can create abundance in their lives. 

This tool/workshop is designed to teach young girls that happiness is a feeling that comes from within. The focus is to help them understand that they have the power in any given situation to "choose happy" and to live in a way that brings them consistent joy. The goal is that girl will walk away with a toolbox of tips on how to choose to live in a positive state, as often as possible.

This tool/workshop is all about the importance of being kind to ourselves and to those around us to create kindness on our planet and in our own day-to-day lives. The focus will be on showing girls how everything they do and say has a ripple effect within themselves and in the world around them. The goal is that they walk away with an understanding that on an individual level, they have the power to create kindness and positivity in their own hearts, in their own families and in their own communities.

What Melody is doing for young girls is amazing. She has helped me to help my daughter and we still have more to learn and practice to build up that girl power. Melody, I admire your work so much! I feel blessed to have met you. It’s tricky being a parent and even harder being a young girl. You’re making a difference in this world. Thank you!

Julia Segersten 

The GiRLiFE empow{her} lessons have filled a void that has existed for years! I can honestly say that our society today would be much better off if we had this program as young children. We all want our children to be strong, caring, kind, respectful, confident and live a healthy lifestyle. Yet we, as adults may have difficulty finding the balance of all of these in our own lives, so instilling these values in our children can be tricky. Melody has found a way for our girls to understand the importance of all these values, and even more importantly, has empowered them to implement them all into their daily lives by using creative social exercises, art projects and recipes. Each time my daughters return from the GiRLiFE empowerment workshops, they are content, confident, and just plain happy. As a mother, I couldn't ask for anything more.

Joanna Esh

My 8 year old daughter has loved every one of these tools. Each workshop focuses on a different way to empower young girls through hands on projects i.e. making a gratitude jar, wisdom box, vision board, kindness rocks etc. At the end of each class, the girls make smoothies as to send the message of "nourishing our body as well as our mind"....truly genius! Melody's approach to teaching is through love, kindness and compassion for all girls individually. I am grateful that my daughter had been exposed to this work at such an early age and look forward to many more GiRLiFE tools. 

Adina Ostad

My daughters, age 9 and 7, couldn't be more excited about each of the GiRLiFE lessons. They highly anticipated their first one, and they were extremely satisfied and happy with what they learned and experienced. By the time they attended their second session, they were so eager to attend that they stood waiting by my house door for 10 minutes while I got ready! In a comfortable, peaceful setting, surrounded by girls in their age group, they felt at ease as Melody taught them important life lessons (all while having fun!) They have benefited so much from these tools that they still use their gratitude jars and their meditation pillows. The fact that they ask me when they can do these activities again makes me extremely happy because at this age, they are like sponges- absorbing everything they watch and learn. And what they are learning from GiRLiFE is priceless!

Shadi Ohebshalom

A workshop that enables our daughter to learn who she is, what she's about and how to be the best version of herself, we were in!! We were excited to expose our daughter to the tools she will use for the rest of her life to guide and support her through life's trials and tribulations. Melody is the very definition of calm, patient, sweet & knowledgeable which translates into a Girl Power program that is the gift you keep on giving to your child. We highly recommend you give it a try!! You won't regret it! 

Sara Kane

I’m so grateful for GiRLiFE! GiRLiFE was able to give my daughter the tools she needed to look within herself to overcome whatever fears and anxieties that were encroaching upon her. There were both intellectual and physical tools which help her reach for it again and again when she needs it. My daughter is a born leader with a natural ability to make friends. She was an overall great kid. Now at 9, girllife has helped her address those small fragments of herself that were holding her back helped her work on herself in revealing the wonderful person she already was.

Talin Sarraf

It’s a divine gift to know a woman like Melody. She is a woman who is a shining inspiration of love, change, and possibility. You automatically feel an angelic peacefulness in her presence as she fills your hearts with her purity, wisdom and passion. She has an incredible talent for researching and bringing together the most inspiring content from world leaders and applying her creative genius to deliver the most heart-rich, masterfully designed workshops to connect young girls to their bravest, boldest, and most beautiful selves from the inside out. The world needs more of her!

- Tia Komitas: Adventures of the Self-Expressed Girl Toronto, ON Canada

To the woman who knows she's called to empower young girls, 

If you’re tired of women like Kim Kardashian and Miley Cyrus dictating the type of behavior girls should mimic, frustrated by the lack of foundational support for girls who need and crave a sisterhood, and feel like you want a place to nurture our youngest generation, the GiRLiFE Empowe{her} Toolkit will enable you to create a safe space for growth, transformation, and celebration of the power of women. 

 I'll see you on the inside! 

 xx Melody