Make Yourself Your New BFF

The relationship that you have with yourself is and will always be the most important relationship in your life. Knowing yourself — your strengths, passions, dreams and YES, even your challenges and fears will empower you to become the best possible version of yourself.

When is the last time you looked inward to figure out the next best step in a challenge, without calling your mother, friend or sister to get THEIR take on YOUR situation?

Being your own BFF means trusting your own intuition to effortlessly guide you through the many ups and downs of life.
Get acquainted with your inner supporter. It is up to you to access your own vision in this process and give yourself the time and space deserved to make it fun and fabulous.

Here are some tips on how to cultivate this most important relationship:

Step #1: Get To Know Yourself

Pick up a pen and paper or a journal and jot down answers to the following questions to help you realign with yourself:

What makes me laugh?

What motivates and moves me?

What advice would I give my younger self?

What is my greatest challenge today?

Come up with a some of your own questions too. The purpose of this exercise is to be honest with yourself. Be creative! – – No question or answer is too outrageous.

Step #2: Date Yourself

Take yourself out on a date!! Indulge on your own in the same treatment that we often reserve for a significant other or a friend.

A sad truth is that most of us have learned how to have fun in the company of OTHERS but have not yet embraced the fulfillment that comes from being in our OWN company.

What makes this prospect exciting is that you get to choose the venue and spoil yourself with all of the ingredients that make date night perfect for you.

Table for one at your favorite restaurant?

Maybe a trip to your favorite local bookstore?

A personalized fitness class?

Your own personal movie night?

Whatever it is, personalize your outing to fit your needs and wants. Dress for it, plan for it and look forward to it!

Step #3: Speak Respectfully To Yourself

What does your internal dialogue sound like? Is it empowering and gentle or is it critical and disapproving? Often, we speak respectfully to our friends, but fail to have that same regard for ourselves.

Your self-talk has the power to elevate you or relegate you, so be sure to monitor it and consistently choose more loving words and phrases when you notice the negativity.

Be cognizant of how often you use disempowering words like “but”, “can’t”, and “should”. Notice their limiting nature and make an active decision to improve the ongoing conversation with yourself.

Step #4: Think Positive Thoughts

You have the power to choose your own thoughts. You control your mind and the ideas that it produces.

Whenever you find yourself thinking thoughts that make you feel sad, angry or annoyed, decide right then and there to choose a different thought. Thoughts that make you feel more confident and complete will immediately put you in a better frame of mind and strengthen your relationship with yourself.

This process of becoming aware of your thoughts, does not happen overnight. It is a practice that requires consistency, and fine tuning — Be patient with yourself.

Step #5: Do What Makes You Happy

Fill your life with an abundance of things that you love. Being around things that we are passionate about empowers and inspires us. Find beauty everywhere.

Listen to a song that moves you.

Consume the foods that satisfy you.

Surround yourself with pleasurable sounds and sights.

Define your bliss. What activity makes your heart sing? It could be as simple as cranking up the music and salsa dancing in your kitchen, or reading your favorite book at your local coffee shop.

Turn your bliss into reality!

Step #6: Nourish Your Body

How do you nourish and honor your body? Taking proper care of yourself on a physical level allows you to show up in the world more effectively and energetically.

There are many important ways you can lovingly fuel your body.

Smart food choices.

Daily exercise.

Proper rest.



Eat well, keep moving, and plan your week to encompass all the vital nourishment it needs.

Step #7: Love Yourself

Why shouldn’t you love yourself? If not you, then who? Make the decision to appreciate and acknowledge yourself for everything you are and everything you aspire to be.

Liking yourself and being comfortable in your own skin are imperative on your journey to becoming your own confidant. Continually give yourself good reasons to be proud of yourself.

Keep on discovering new evidence to support your conviction. What are your reasons for loving yourself? Take every opportunity to remind yourself how unique and fabulous you are!

Being self aware and providing support, acknowledgement and validation for yourself is your birthright. Infuse these rituals into your daily life and witness the evolution of your relationship with yourself and the increased abundance that shows up in your life.

Notice how much more confident and self assured you become. Once you know and love yourself on a much deeper level , you will be clearing the path to invite more healthy and meaningful relationships with others into your life.

Be your own best friend first and you’ll be surprised how easy it then is to become someone else’s.

Written for the Faviana Blog. See the original article here.