… and enjoy the lesson plan and tools that this digital girl power training provides.

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“The GiRLiFE curriculum was clear, logical and exactly what I was looking for. The simple and concise format gave me the confidence to begin hosting workshops immediately. All of the tools were right there at my fingertips.”

Karen Sulzer, New Orleans, LA



I just wanted to say a HUGE thank you to you for creating the Girlife Empowerment Series and allowing me to be a part of it!! Ever since the day that I decided to become a GiRLiFE facilitator and provide these amazing workshops for my community, I have literally been on a high!!

Every step of planning my first workshop was amazing beyond my expectations! First, putting it out there to the community about what I was doing and hearing the immense response back just reinforced the drive within me that I knew this was clearly something our girls needed! Then, planning the workshop was like planning a party! I loved preparing for the craft and juicing activities. And beyond anything else, preparing myself to introduce the wonderful concepts of empowerment and gratitude to the girls just inspired and drove me to want to do more.

Denise Farahmand, Los Angeles, CA
The Girlife Empowerment Series Facilitator Training was by far one of the best investments I’ve made…not only for myself, but for my daughters and the girls in our community. The content is great. It’s so well written and easy to follow. The entire program is so well done and it’s chock full of amazing tips on how to run your own workshops. And not to mention Melody Gabay Pourmoradi is awesome. She’s there for you every step of the way! It’s worth every penny. Glad I took the leap!
Neli Tavares Hession, Rhode Island, RI
Melody’s GiRLiFE Empowerment Series is fantastic! Initially I had considered the program to do with my daughter, and then decided it’d be cool to bring it to the community. My daughter was in Girl Scouts for four years and we had actually wanted to create our own group/program that incorporated positive lessons, crafts and volunteering… this was a great way to get started with something immediately and a foundation that is very inclusive, well thought out, and organized.

We have run three workshops so far, at a local library, and the girls love it… the material is so important, not just for the girls, but for me as a parent, adult, woman and mother. It’s a reminder that self help concepts can be fun and simple. I learn just as much as the girls do! It’s so rewarding to have these conversations with the girls, and the parents really enjoy and appreciate the program. The marketing material and graphics are easy to use and lesson plans are clean and clear. Beautiful, fun and well worth it!

Nikki Capezio Watson, Oakmont, PA
It was no coincidence that I was first introduced to Melody Gabay Pourmoradi in September of 2016. As a recent graduate of IIN as well as Gabby Bernstein’s Spirit Junkie Level I Masterclass, I was definitely on the right path!

After witnessing the struggles that our oldest girls were experiencing in high school, I had a burning desire to develop a program to help empower young girls. My youngest daughter is 12 and I felt that I was given a “do-over” opportunity. A chance to apply lessons learned.

It was very late one night in early September that I registered the domain of Pebble Nation, the beginning of my movement. The next morning, I stumbled upon a Facebook post for the launch of the GiRLiFE Empowerment Series. I immediately set up a call with Melody and the rest is history. I am a true believer in the miraculous synchronicity of the Universe! The GiRLiFE curriculum was clear, logical and exactly what I was looking for. Melody had obviously put a lot of thought and expertise into designing the program. The simple and concise format gave me the confidence to begin hosting workshops immediately. All of the tools were right there at my fingertips.

Additionally, Melody has developed a powerful community of like-minded women and offers unlimited support to all of the GiRLiFE facilitators around the globe. I am very proud to a GiRLiFE facilitator and look forward to the positive ripple that we will create, one pebble at a time.

Karen Sulzer, New Orleans, LA
GiRLiFE has been an exciting new direction for me to focus my coaching practice! It’s an ideal fit for anyone like me who needs to be adding value to the world while making an income.

This program is so beautifully laid out, with enough detail to keep it straightforward, yet enough space to let my creativity soar. A sneak peek into this program would look like a compilation of the wisdom and teachings from today’s top thought leaders (Louise Hay, Gabby Bernstein, Danielle LaPorte) and making it child sized. GiRLiFE is EXACTLY what I wanted to create at 17, when I knew my purpose was to empower young girls. Unfortunately at the time I let the overwhelm of where to start sideline my dream.

Thank You Melody for being the divine yet down to earth soul sister that you are! I know that because of you we will have an integral role in the rise of a generation of truly empowered young women who know, love and accept t

Melissa Ross, New Brunswick, Canada

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