Tia Komitas Testimonial | Life Evolutions

Adventures of the Self-Expressed Girl
Toronto, ON Canada

It’s a divine gift to know a woman like Melody. She is a woman who is a shining inspiration of love, change, and possibility. You automatically feel an angelic peacefulness in her presence as she fills your hearts with her purity, wisdom and passion. She has an incredible talent for researching and bringing together the most inspiring content from world leaders and applying her creative genius to deliver the most heart-rich, masterfully designed workshops to connect young girls to their bravest, boldest, and most beautiful selves from the inside out. The world needs more of her!

Heidi Bernstein Testimonial | Life Evolutions Coaching

Occupational Therapist
Long Island, NY

I can proudly feel the incredibly positive changes within myself as a result of being coached by Melody. She has a unique and amazing ability to get quickly to the heart of the matter of what is truly important to her clients and what is blocking them from attaining their goals. Her questions create an unusual awareness within the client, which leads to infinite possibilities in approaching challenges. Her gentle manner puts clients immediately at ease which allows her to use her enormously expert skills and techniques to affect life altering change. Melody is a true coaching star, being her client is the opportunity of a lifetime!

Karen Brennan Testimonial | Life Evolutions

New York, NY

Melody has been such an amazing mentor to me. She eludes tremendous strength and encouragement that empowers all whom she encounters. I can’t thank her enough for her endless support, guidance, and belief that has instilled in me great hope for the future.

Mutsum Kaneda Testimonial | Life Evolutions

Singer & Model
Montclair, NJ

Melody connected my outer goals with my inner purpose, with what I want to express, with who I am. In the dialogues we created in each session, I started seeing what the most important values are in my life with greater clarity. She became the vast space where I can reveal myself freely and dream the impossible without fear. She helped me to rediscover my hidden talents which I had forgotten or didn’t even realize were already within me. Melody helped me to utilize the proper tools to use those talents in a way to make my dreams come true. Because of her, impossible became possible. Dreams became reality. I had a dream but didn’t know where to start. In less than three months, I had my original song CD in my hands. If I didn’t have her constantly challenging and inspiring me, I would have never given myself the push that was needed to create new ideas and fresh ways of pursuing my dreams. Melody made me realize that in order to fly high, you must first ground yourself and establish a strong foundation. She proved that life is indeed a miracle.

Los Angeles, CA

I have to be honest… I was not sure what to expect when I looked for a life coach. I didn’t realize everything I would gain from your wisdom. I have received so much from your support and guidance that it is difficult to put into words. You opened my eyes! I truly believe that without you I would have never had the breakthrough events that have helped me grow as a person. I can actually say I exceeded my own expectations. I think I flourished. I learned a lot about myself, and what changes I needed to make to live a more positive and fulfilling life. I feel indebted to my life coach Melody Pourmoradi for her guidance, insights and gentle spirit. She is a special soul. She truly changed my life. I carry these lessons with me and apply them to my life everyday. I will always be grateful! Thank you!!!

Sharon Epstein Testimonial | Life Evolutions

Great Neck, NY

Melody has been working with me as a coach for one year.  She consistently offers excellent insight. She is very organized, thorough and highly professional, but most importantly, with her support and guidance I have seen excellent results in growing and shaping my yoga services. She keeps me on track with my goals, continually helping me to learn, reach and be more passionate about my work. She is also very flexible around scheduling appointments and is available by phone or text messages beyond our scheduled time.

Maria Testimonial | Life Evolutions

Long Island, NY

After several years of unsuccessful attempts to build our family, I was broken and didn’t know where to turn.  I knew I needed to speak with someone as well as try to get some clear direction in my life.  I found Melody and she was exactly the person I needed at the exact time I needed someone.  She is understanding, sympathetic, a true professional and has become a great friend.  I don’t know what or where I would be without her.

Queens, NY

I have had the pleasure of knowing Melody for almost two years and am continuously impressed by her poise, professionalism, acute sensitivity and empathy. She is a consummate professional, clearly articulates and guides others to think about important issues that will help propel them forward and reach their goals. She is a warm, intelligent, highly organized woman with a keen ability to connect to others in a caring, authentic way. Melody is a rare gem. Anyone who meets her will be inspired and touched by her enduring encouragement and optimism.

Brooklyn, NY

Melody is a wonderful and insightful coach. She is kind, supportive and empathetic. She engages with you in a very gentle way to help you remove the negative in your life. I would highly recommend Melody!