The Self-Help Syndrome: Navigating The Overload

Are you one of the many people who is regularly alternating between the piles of self-help books on your nightstand and the ones that are downloaded on your e-reader? Do you thrive on attending inspirational lectures in an attempt to facilitate your need to learn and grow, but come out feeling confused and overwhelmed? You are SO not alone. You are in what I call “self-help overload mode.”
Chances are you already know exactly what you need to do to create a life you love, but all of the self-help stimulation surrounding you is blocking you from uncovering your authentic path.
First and foremost, congratulate and acknowledge yourself! You have the burning desire to make transformational changes come to life AND you are supported by a world that is offering up an abundance of tools to support your mission. It’s ultimately up to you though, to navigate this vast sea of theories while looking inward and creating a philosophy that works best for you as an individual.
By consciously shifting your perspective and “tuning in” for guidance more frequently than you are “tuning out,” you can bring to light an internal GPS system that will lead you on your path to personal evolution. Here are my tips to help move you navigate self help overload while reigniting your connection to your intuition.

Get Honest With Yourself

Get real with yourself by answering some questions about your journey for fulfillment thus far: What self help ideas have really stood out for me? Which ones, if any of these philosophies have I applied to my own life? How did they work out? This line of questioning will really help to bring your awareness to the ideas that have resonated with you and whether or not they were helpful.

Step Away From the Books

Give yourself a 21-day cleanse from reading any self-help material. Although the intention behind reading all of this inspirational text is authentic, it may actually be blocking you from accessing your own sense of inner knowing. Once your detox is complete, you can reintroduce one book at a time and finish it to completion. For now, give yourself a break and see what magic unfolds for you.

Quiet Your Mind

Carve out some time each day to send your mind on a mini vacation. There is no set way of doing this. Just find the method that works for you and go with it. Meditation, washing dishes (that’s right), and going for walks always help to get me quiet and find clarity. When your mind is calm, the connection to your inner wisdom is the strongest.

Trust Yourself

Strengthen your capacity to access and receive internal guidance by believing that your internal voice knows the answers. Get into the practice of tuning in and trusting your first instinct and acting from that place. What does your gut-knowing tell you? Create a practice of tuning in and actually listening, so that you can welcome your internal guidance system and hear the messages that are coming your way. You are your greatest advisor. Trust that your intuition will always lead you in the right direction.

Take Action

Once you are tuned into that inner voice, move on it! All this beautiful new wisdom is no good to you at all if you don’t put it into action. Choose one small message that your intuition has brought forth to you and make a commitment to make space for it in your life.

Now that you have rekindled this relationship with your inner guidance system, you are well on your path to creating a life that is aligned with your values and is totally meaningful to you. Moving forward, when you indulge in all the self help materials that are out there, you can witness them from a perspective of inner knowing and integrate them in the way the feels best for you — It’s time — you’ve totally got this.

Written for The Huffington Post. See the original article here.