Thought Power: A New Path to Optimal Health

Our thoughts hold the power to create our reality. As intelligent and powerful creators with boundless imaginations, we have the unique ability to use those thoughts to make choices that serve our highest good. While there are certainly no guarantees that we won’t be touched by an illness or a disease at some point in our lives, there are certain variables in the health equation that we do have some influence. By heightening our awareness to the role that our thoughts, perceptions and beliefs play in our lives, we can set ourselves up for optimal wellness, while counteracting or coexisting with, health challenges that may come our way.

Conduct An Audit Of Your Thoughts

There is a subconscious internal dialogue that is consistently playing out in our minds. Often times, we don’t even notice it. By bringing our awareness to the invariable presence of our self-talk, we can tune in and become receptive to the messages that we are communicating to ourselves. What is the reality that your thoughts are creating for you? Are they thoughts that are enhancing your experiences or are they thoughts that are holding you back and limiting your potential? If you find yourself in a cycle of negative thought patterns, make a different choice. We always have the power to create a healthy and positive internal environment by choosing a new, more elevating set of thoughts.

Know And Believe That You Are Not Your Genes

Our lifestyle choices can significantly alter the way that the genes that we were born with, are expressed. At the core of epigenetics is the concept that we have the capacity to activate disease preventing genes and deactivate the genes that can potentially promote chronic disease. This awareness that our health is encompassed by so much more than solely our genetic code, empowers us to make modifications to our lifestyle that will promote positive and lasting change. The mere knowledge of this concept is an important step in claiming our power and owning the idea that our mindset does play a significant role in our overall health journey.

Practice Forgiveness

With forgiveness comes a great deal of peace. Choosing to hold on to anger in any form, creates overwhelming amounts of suffering that multiply over time. This anger when unresolved, manifests in our bodies, causing a state of dis-ease, essentially, a lack of ease in our body and mind. Pain is inevitable for all of us, suffering however is optional. Let go of the need to relive that painful experience in your life over and over again. Forgive the person you feel wronged you in some way. Most importantly, release yourself for any blame you might be holding on to from past events. Forgiveness is one of the biggest gifts you will ever give yourself. Not only will it free up your energy and your consciousness for more meaningful matters but it will also gift you with a peaceful mind and body.

Detoxify Your Life

It is critical to release the need to be in the presence of people who bring us down or cause us harm in any way. Without our awareness, we begin to take on the toxic personality traits and behaviors of the people that we spend the most time with. By limiting our contact with people who drain us, we are honoring ourselves and creating space to invite people in who are more authentically aligned to us. Our relationships and social interactions play such a big role in our lives so it is very important to surround ourselves with people who elevate us, support us, and share our core values. Make the decision to walk away from anyone who threatens your peace of mind or self-worth.

Shift False Perceptions

Changing our interpretations of the events around us, is key to our physical and emotional growth. We so often get stuck in our old limiting beliefs that we inhibit ourselves from creating and acting on positive change. The next time you find yourself placing judgement of any kind, challenge yourself by determining if you are just choosing to see things in a certain way because of previous beliefs and perceptions that no longer hold value for you. Observe how this old way of seeing things may be holding you back from your evolution as a happy and healthy person. Know that each time you shift the way you interpret something you are opening yourself up to a healthier perspective and newer opportunities.

Bring Your Passions To Life

Stay close to whatever brings you joy by taking part in activities that make you feel your best. Read books that enlighten you. Engage in exercise that stimulates you. Eat foods that will cleanse you. Surround yourself with people that light you up from the inside. Staying aligned with your passions will keep you grounded, filled with life, and always in anticipation of fresh new experiences and opportunities for growth. Life is meant to be enjoyed. Find as many opportunities as possible to follow your bliss and create wellness in within you and around you.

By reorganizing your thought patterns and releasing old patterns and beliefs, you will create a unique and personalized path to highest level of health available to you.

Written for The Huffington Post. See the original article here.