… and learn how you can empower the young girl in your life.

Mutsumi Kaneda Quote | Life Evolutions

“Melody connected my outer goals with my inner purpose, with what I want to express, with who I am. She helped me to rediscover my hidden talents which I had forgotten or didn’t even realize were already within me. Because of her, impossible became possible. Dreams became reality.”

Mutsumi Kaneda
Singer & Model
Montclair, NJ


This program is all about finally building the kick-ass life you deserve! You will walk away feeling energized, fulfilled and authentically excited about your life.

Together we will design a life plan that will help you gain clarity on what you truly want to create in your personal and professional life. Our goal in our work together will be to access your unique gifts to become the best, happiest and most kick-ass version of yourself. My goal is to provide the support and guidance you need to break through whatever is holding you back from living the life that you want, need and crave.


Month 1: Mind & Body Health

Focus: Discovering new ways of truly nourishing yourself at a whole body level {mind, body, soul}.

Key Ideas:

  • Becoming uber aware of your thought patterns
  • Discussing your food & exercise choices & their effects
  • Creating daily practices & rituals


Month 2: Playing with Purpose

Focus: Uncovering your unique “why” and using it to significantly energize each part of your life {relationships, finances, career, spirituality}.

Key Ideas:

  • Connecting to your passion
  • Discovering what truly fuels and fulfills you
  • Understanding your unique contribution to the world


Month 3: It’s All About The Love

Focus: Bringing attention to the many relationships in your life {self, partner, universe} and discovering how to optimally fulfill and be fulfilled by each.

Key Ideas:

  • Understanding the massive role of self-love in your life
  • Elevating your communication skills
  • Giving a new meaning to the F-Word {hint: forgiveness}